Friday, March 07, 2008

Momentous Occasions

1. Little Guy is, right now, on a field trip, like some kind of big boy...WITHOUT ME. Yes. They went to the Children's Museum where he is comfortable because we've been there ourselves quite a few times already. And the teacher made sure he was riding with his best friend EVER, a little Cambodian girl. Actually they're both riding with another little white girl and her mom. They have a big ole minivan. I'm sure he's having fun. I couldn't go because Zen needs her morning nap or she emits blood-curdling screams until she is put in her crib or until the car is driving steadily. And on top of that, she has her one-year check-up at 2:00 today and no way will she be able to make it to that time without a nap. She needs to be in a well-rested, sunny mood in order to give her shots in her baby thigh!

2. For the first time ever, I'm not annoyed by Kelly Ripa. I think she may have just won me over. Just a little bit.

3. Wait 'til you see the cake I'm making for Zen. I don't know why I undertake these things. There are tiers involved. And fondant baby buggies. And one tier has three layers. And a fondant snail. It may turn out like shit. It will be fine.


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