Friday, February 01, 2008


I'm still working on Arrowsmith-I'm liking it, but it's just one of those slow ones. Once that's done, though, I'm hoping to go on a binge of sorts and read fun stuff from my stacks. I have Pulitzer 9 ready to go, though. I bought it through Alibris from a used bookstore in Virginia, a few hours away in a town I've never been to. It seems like a nice store to visit if I'm ever in that part of the state, though. I think my book might be a first edition. Not that it has any value monetarily, but since I've been so immersed in the first quarter of the 20th century, I love the thought of reading the very same physical book that people of that time period read as well. (My maternal grandmother, the oldest of the four grandparents, was 13 when this book was published.)

If I can break off my obsession and stop the Pulitzers for a little while, then here is what I hope to read:

A visit to the used bookstore the other day yielded The Tea Rose and A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly (much-loved by many book bloggers), The All-True Travels and Adventures of Lidie Newton by Jane Smiley for the Book Awards Challenge, The Forgotten Beasts of Eld by Patricia A. McKillip, also for the Book Awards Challenge (that is still going on, right?)

I also still have on my shelves and in piles, The Historian, The Book Thief, a two-in-one edition of Maisie Dobbs and Birds of a Feather, the first Stephenie Meyer, Twilight and Night Watch by Sarah Waters. Plus Kira-Kira which I still have out from the library and that I feel like I'm hoarding away from a legitimate kid that wants to read a good Newbery winner. And, of course, there are others.

Oh yeah, and Atonement which I got for $6.00 from Borders because I had a $5.00 Members Rewards coupon and the cashier scanned her 30% coupon for me. It's the bad movie cover, but, who cares, maybe I'll get rid of it on BookMooch one day if I ever start using that site.

Which should I read first?


Blogger Funky Smith said...

It's so funny; when you say "it's a slow one," you mean it's taking you a couple of days or a week. A "slow one" for me is about three years! But I'm determined.

I don't know any of those books. The Jennifer Donnelly ones sound nice.

12:57 AM  
Blogger Camille said...

Actually, it's been a month! I remember buying this book just before Christmas and starting it just after. :) It's going faster now, though, so I'm thinking maybe two more days.

4:30 AM  
Blogger Dewey said...

I vote for Atonement first!

3:38 PM  

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