Friday, January 11, 2008

Mommy Milestone

I have my first class party to do as a mom (not a teacher)! I'm doing Little Guy's nursery school Valentine's Day party with two other moms next month. We need a treat, a craft or game, and a treat bag to take home. My second year teaching, I had a classmother who made these amazing, big, heart-shaped sugar cookies with the kids' names on them. She individually wrapped them and they were awesome. Any ideas on what I can do with three-year-olds?


Blogger BettyBetty said...

One year I pre-made and pre-baked salt dough cut in the shape of about a 2 inch heart. I had a heart-shaped cookie cutter that I used. Once baked I glued a good magnet on the back of each. The day of the party we had the kids paint them with acrylic paint(paint smocks on). Acrylic paint washes off fingers with soap and water. It dries quick too. We did a red base color, let it dry and then the mom helpers painted the child's choice of "Mom" or "Love You" on top in a bright pink color or in white. Each child had a take home in a brown paper bag to give their favorite valentine - Mommy. It was cheap to do. I recommend brushes meant for acrylic paint - don't try to use watercolor brushes - not stiff enough. Michael's or AC Moore has what you need. Just an idea!

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Anonymous Camille said...

What a good idea! Love it. Thank you!

6:24 PM  

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