Friday, January 18, 2008

Household Meme

Stolen from kookiejar at A Fraternity of Dreamers

Now, you might think this would be a really boring meme. A quick glance over the questions and you think, oh god, spare me. But I read kookiejar's version and was endlessly fascinated. And I thought to myself, Why? Here's why: It's because this is my world. The home. It's my office, my restaurant, my bar, my dance club, my hangout, my hotel, my movie theater. I'm in charge here, pretty much. So I'm interested. And maybe you are, too!

What kind of soap is in your shower right now?
either Dial or Lever 2000. I usually buy Lever 2000 because I got scared away from using too many antibacterial products because of the whole getting immune to bacteria thing.

Do you have any watermelon in your refrigerator?
No, it's winter and I don't like watermelon anyway and usually I don't buy what I don't like even though other members of the household may like it. For instance, it took me years to realize about buying peanut butter...I hate it so it just never registered on my radar that other people might like to eat it. I know, so selfish.

What would you change about your living room?
it needs to be a different shape (it's long and rectangular) and have room for other words, I need a whole new living room in a new house

Are the dishes in your dishwasher clean or dirty?

What is in your fridge?
Do you know in junior high, I used to actually have conversations like this on the phone? Like, my friend Anne and I would stand on the phone with our refrigerator doors open and be like, "We have Hellman's. Oh you do, too? What kind of ketchup do you have?" This would drive my father CRAZY.

So...we have Silk soy milk, a gallon of skim, a cauliflower with some purple stuff on it but it came that's not even old), ketchup, soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, Hershey's syrup, shredded coconut, brown rice, Smart Balance Light, Dannon plain yogurt, eggs, Guinness that I used to make bread but no one wants to drink, white grape juice, Brita water pitcher, fat-free sour cream, ZenSoy pudding, Diet Coke and Diet Cherry Coke in cans, coffee, bread flour, salsa, Tofutti cream cheese, champagne, Bisquick and that's all off the top of my head, but there's more!

I'm justifying that by saying it was a brain exercise. Like those games where you have to stare at a tray of items and then it's taken away and you have to list everything you can remember.

White or wheat bread?
whole wheat

What is on top of your refrigerator?
my JVC radio/CD/tape player that I got for my 17th parents got their money's worth out of that, cereal boxes, a basket of takeout menus, a coffee cup of pens and pencils, the kitchen scale, paper plates

What color or design is on your shower curtain?
It's cream with lavender sprigs of something and some green in there

How many plants are in your home?
wow, none...I'm bad with plants but at least one would be nice

Is your bed made right now?

Comet or Soft Scrub?
whatever, but come to think of it, I like Comet and here's why. It reminds me of the smell of the YMCA pool area and bathroom from when I was manager (read: scorekeeper) of the high school swim team

Is your closet organized?
Why yes, it is!

Can you describe your flashlight?
we have so many flashlights I can't even begin...M. loves flashlights and so does Nick...they're obsessed. It's ridiculous

Do you drink out of glass or plastic most of the time at home?
glass and ceramic

Do you have iced tea made in a pitcher right now?
no. M. does it in the summer, though, but I don't drink it.

If you have a garage, is it cluttered?
No garage, but M. just built a big shed. And yes, it's a little cluttered but it's because it's unfinished.

Curtains or blinds?

How many pillows do you sleep with?
one now; 400 when pregnant

Do you sleep with any lights on at night?
yes-not in our room, but downstairs

How often do you vacuum?
mmm, maybe once a week, sometimes twice?

Standard toothbrush or electric?

What color is your toothbrush?

Do you have a welcome mat on your front porch?
not really a welcome mat, more of a "wipe your feet" mat, very utilitarian

What is in your oven right now?
cold oven racks

Is there anything under your bed?
Our box spring is right on the floor so just microbes and molecules and stuff

Chore you hate doing the most?
cleaning the bathroom

What retro items are in your home?
M.'s great-grandmother's's the tall kind with the cabinet in the bottom part for storing records...her original records are in there, too...Thomas Edison Studios and all that; the desk at which I sit is old, too, but I don't know how old

Do you have a separate room that you use as an office?
no, maybe one day

How many mirrors are in your home?
one in each bathroom, plus two in my room makes four

What color are your walls?
living room--I think it was Cinnamon Cake

dining room now playroom-Restoration Hardware Butter or Buttercream but I'm not sure to look at the website now

N.'s room--Lemon Drop

K.'s room--pinkish mauve

our room--the mint green we bought the house with

upstairs bathroom--Pepto Bismol we bought the house with

downstairs bathroom--pretty pretty blue

laundry room--primer

Wow, I even bored myself with that one.

What does your home smell like right now?
Us, I guess...hopefully not baby poop

Favorite candle scent?
not a big fan of scented candles...but generally good vanilla or cake batter or something fall-y

What kind of pickles (if any) are in your refrigerator right now?
Vlasic Kosher Dill Stackers

What color is your favorite Bible?
I don't have a favorite Bible.

Ever been on your roof?
No, but M. goes there to clean the gutters.

Do you own a stereo?
I guess the aforementioned JVC.

How many TVs do you have?
One in the kitchen, one in living room, one in our bedroom makes three

How many house phones?
kitchen (2), living room (2), playroom, bedroom...why do we have six phones??

Do you have a housekeeper?
that would be me

What style do you decorate in?
that's under development...right now it's whatever we had in our single person apartments combined with a few utilitarian Target pieces...except our living room couches and chairs...those are from Macy's and we love them

Do you like solid colors or prints in furniture?

Is there a smoke detector in your home?
When your husband is the safety patrol, you will have no less than four.

In case of fire, what are the items in your house which you’d grab if you only could make one quick trip?
my journals dating back to 1985, the book we have all the computer passwords in


Blogger Funky Smith said...

I liked this one too. Maybe I'll do it.

12:08 AM  
Blogger kookiejar said...

Nice job! So much more detailed than mine. :D

I'm with you on the peanut butter. I hate it, so when it's on sale I buy a ton of it and I never realize when we've run out...I have to wait for the men in the house to start yelling about it before I buy more. How they eat that stuff I'll never know. :)

3:43 PM  
Blogger Nyssaneala said...

400 pillows during pregnancy, that sounds about right.

I use vinegar as an all-purpose spray. I dilute it with some water, and add orange essential oil to make it less vinegary. Baking soda is really good to use when scrubbing things like the stovetop burners, bathroom tiles, things like that. I am very sensitive to chemicals, so we use all-natural cleaners in our home - plus it's good for the environment and the baby!

If you are really interested you should check out this website of 1,001 ways to use vinegar:

2:23 PM  
Blogger Lesley said...

I think this is one of the most interesting memes I've seen. I first noticed it over on Literary Feline's blog. How funny that you'd discuss your fridge contents with your friend! And I'm impressed you can remember the actual names of your paint colors!

8:02 PM  
Blogger Camille said...

Nyssaneala-Thank you! I really want to start using natural cleansers. I hate the thought of scrubbing the tub with Scrubbing Bubbles or something else that sends its noxious fumes all through the house, and then putting my kids tiny butts on that same surface.

10:19 AM  

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