Monday, January 14, 2008

Cleanest House in the East

It's just lovely. I should have taken before and after pictures. The whole upstairs is done except for the bathroom.

The bathroom is just gross. I'll definitely take before and after pics of that when we start remodeling it. The vanity had crackle paint on it which we hated for years. One day, M. got the idea that we could chip it off with a putty knife. So he chipped and chipped. Some came off, some didn't. And there it is. Left like that for months and months. The whole bathroom needs doing.

But as for the rest:

My room and closet DONE
Kari's room and closet DONE
Nick's room and closet DONE
Living Room DONE
Playroom DONE DONE DONE I vacuumed in there! I can see the floor! There's carpeting in that room. It's blue! Who knew?

Now on to the kitchen: junk drawer and cabinets--under attack
and the laundry room has a pile of mess in front of the dryer that includes paint cans and track lighting. It's not pretty.


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