Monday, January 14, 2008

Book Awards Reading Challenge

I'm not making any promises, but it looks like I might be on track to finish the Book Awards Challenge. I've read four out of twelve books so far which is not phenomenal but I have until June 30. Age of Innocence and Alice Adams will be addressed if I ever post about my personal Pulitzer project.

I read The Higher Power of Lucky and Criss Cross as part of the Book Awards Challenge and partly because I've been reading Newberys between Pulitzers as a break. Whereas I've started the Pulitzers from the beginning and am going backwards, I've started the Newberys from most recent and am going back to the beginning. I have Kira-Kira on the bedside table.

I guess what I might want to say about the two Newbery winners mentioned above is that the voices in both novels are what stand out the most. And the characters are fabulous, of course. Voice is such a large part of what makes a children's or YA novel great, I think. Voice is important in any novel, but, man, Susan Patron and Lynne Rae Perkins have this aspect of writing DOWN. They also both have in common this amazing "realness" and sense of being a kid. Both have little illustrations throughout the book and I remember loving books as a pre-teen/early teen that looked like the characters actually had a hand in creating the book.

I am now in love with both of these writers and would like to read anything at all by them, especially Lynne Rae Perkins. I super super loved Criss Cross. If my niece were a little older (she's 9 and the kids in the book are 14) I would have this book in her hands. She's not much of a reader but I don't see any early teenager who couldn't find something to identify with in this book.

Not much of a review I know. Book reviewing is not my forte and I'm short on time.


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I *might* be able to finish this challenge, but only if I stray big-time from my original list and look for any obscure award that the book I'm reading has won. That's still within the rules, right? ;)

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