Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What Just Happened Because Little Guy is Still Asleep and I Have a Minute

OK, what do you need to know? Let's see. I'm having trouble deciding what color to get of these. M. says the lighter orange and the lilac mist. They're only $10! At first I thought the lighter pink, but I'm thinking no.

Yesterday we went with my moms walking group (it's not like a playgroup, different moms show up for different things. It's like a sign-up-for-what-sounds-good kind of thing) to a very beautiful downtown park in the city to get pictures taken of us with our kids by a photographer. Then we'll meet again to make frames and there you have a Father's Day gift! The photographer was fabulous. She has a three-year-old and a four-year-old and was amazing with the toddlers and babies. One mom was so impressed when she sang the Jay Jay the Jet Plane song for her son.

M. just left for work kind of mad. It's because last night I was nagging him about the fact that he does zero housework lately. He's to the point where he walks past the full kitchen garbage without taking it outside. He even stopped taking the outside garbage to the curb on garbage day for two weeks. I put a full kitchen garbage on the deck thinking he would put it down in the can when he got home, but no, he left it there, a raccoon got it overnight (I saw his little wet footprints) and I had to clean up the mess. Gross. But whatever. I hate being naggy. It's so cliche and stereotypical. It's just because we went in the bathroom to brush our teeth and get ready for bed last night and I saw how much the bathroom needed to be cleaned and I took it out on him. So this morning he talked all about how he is so stressed and has to work on the shed and that he thinks I think it'll never get done. (Have I mentioned we're building a shed? We have NO outdoor storage and we have two kids and three strollers plus a toddler bike, a lawnmower, two adult bikes, and some other stuff that belongs in a shed or garage.) And then he said that I never do outside work in the yard, like weeding. Well, this is true. I hate yardwork. I've never mowed the lawn in my life. I've pulled weeds maybe five times in 31 years. I loathe raking (although I did do some of my own volition last fall). I do like to plant seeds and flowers sometimes if the mood and season strike me right. So of course, I was like, oh so you want to split everything and you are in the charge of outside and I'm in charge of inside? But that argument went nowhere because he said no, it's not like that and then he went to work. That was a boring argument.


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