Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pulitzer Summer

So, if you used to read my old blog or the book blog I started just before I shut down operations on those blogs about a year ago, you might know that I have a plan to read all the Pulitzers. (I shut down because I was getting creeped out by a weird comments from a commenter with no link to anywhere, and I was newly pregnant, so the hormones and the creep factor led me to drastic measures.)

Anyway, I don't want to make a challenge or anything (unless anyone else wants to). It's just a personal challenge or goal. I used to have this little plan written in my About Me section but now maybe I'll put it in the sidebar in some kind of way. I was going to start with the very first winner which is His Family by Ernest Poole and read them in order from the beginning. I think the first book won in 1918. It's out of print so I had a bit of a time finding it. I started it a while ago but stopped for some reason. Now I'd have to start all over again.

From 1917-1947, the prize was for a "novel."
From 1948-present, the prize is for "fiction."
There was no award given in 1917.

So maybe I can make it a summer goal to get through the first half of the list--the awards given up to 1947. Or I can alternate between the first list and the second. But maybe there would be some educational value in doing them in order because it would keep me in the era of the writers and I could maybe make some observations or comparisons about writing in the early 20th century and how it evolved as mid-century approached.

Nymeth at Things Mean a Lot recently posted about reading the Pulitzers,too, but for now, it's just a personal one-woman challenge to myself. I'm certainly open to company on this endeavor, though.


Anonymous Lesley said...

My hat's off to you for even attempting this!

9:01 AM  
Blogger Funky Smith said...

I saw in your sidebar "Children of Men." I thought this was a great movie--I didn't know it was a book too? Very cool.

10:13 PM  
Anonymous Camille said...

Lesley- Well, I didn't mean to imply that I would be finishing the whole list this summer. Just maybe starting it and working through some of it and maybe finishing by the time I'm 40. :)

Funky- Yes, it's by P.D. James. I so did not like the movie. That's why I wanted to read the book--to see if it's better. I mean the concept of the movie was really cool, but I was too confused.

10:32 PM  
Anonymous Lesley said...

I know, but I'm still impressed!

10:52 PM  
Anonymous iliana said...

Wow, what a challenge to take on! Good luck and looking forward to hearing how it goes.

2:56 PM  
Blogger Bybee said...

I admire you so much even attempting this huge project & for actually tracking down that first now-obscure one. I'm in the middle of the 1955 or 1956 -- can't remember, sorry-- winner right now, Andersonville. Pretty grim.

4:38 AM  
Blogger Nymeth said...

Hi Camille!

Your quest is more ambitious than mine - I hadn't thought of reading them all, nor chronologically, but it actually is a great idea to, like you said, detect an evolutionary pattern.

I definitely plan on reading Pulitzers this late Summer/Fall, so even if nobody else joins us I would love to exchange ideas with you.

2:33 PM  
Anonymous danielle said...

I think that sounds like a great challenge. I wouldn't mind reading along with you, but I am not sure I could squeeze in another book. Maybe I should read from the current year back as I have not been reading much American fiction at all!! I will have to go and find the list. Good luck!

3:23 PM  
Blogger Camille said...

You guys are making me nervous--being so impressed. Really don't be. I probably won't get very far this summer. :)

Good idea, Danielle! I think when I get tired of being in the early 20th century, I might do the same thing.

4:06 PM  
Blogger Dewey said...

If you're still doing it a little later, I'll join! Right now, though, I'm participating in too many challenges. I'm afraid I'll lose track.

Internet stalking is SO CREEPY.

7:13 PM  

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