Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Smoothing Out

Everything is going better. I can't believe Q. (what should I call her on the blog?) is one month old tomorrow. Now it turns out that she has reflux. Not so bad that she's not gaining weight, but bad enough to make her miserable for most of March. But now she's on Zantac and already it seems to be making a difference. She definitely seemed to feel better and be more relaxed today. So breastfeeding is over and I've made my peace. Also, she's on a pretty expensive formula used for colic and allergies, and, if I were breastfeeding and not on a dairy elimination diet, then it didn't make sense for her to be on such an expensive formula. She might as well just have been on a regular cow's milk one. But with Little Guy's allergies, we'd rather spare her allergy symptoms this early. And also, selfish as it may seem, I don't want to be on an elimination diet. I already have a lot going on and the breastfeeding stress was plunging me to the brink of PPD. So formula it is. Nothing has gone as planned with either baby regarding their births and feedings, but I'm learning to accept what the Universe gives me. (Also, never brag that you never get sick and that you have amazing immunities because the Universe will give you three weeks worth of colds and then one horrific GI bug when you're 36 weeks pregnant. I am humbled now.)


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