Tuesday, March 20, 2007

First Dispatch from the Land of Toddler and Baby

It's the start of the second day alone with Little Guy and Baby. First day went OK. Somehow we made it to 6:15 when reinforcements, supplies, and sustenance were brought in from the Outer Reaches. Baby slept most of the day, and, although Little Guy begged to go outside and ran out of soy milk mid-morning, he still managed to be a trooper and even to help out. But then, Baby slept from 2:30 pm until 7 pm when I woke her up. That was a mistake. Although she was tired when we wanted to go to bed and she'd fall asleep after her bottle, as soon as we put her down, she'd wake up again. This went on until 2:30 am. I had to wait until then for M. to take the steri-strips off my incision (I know, TMI, but C-section veterans out there can feel my pain, right? no pun intended). So today, I'm keeping a log of her waking and sleeping and I'll try not to let her sleep longer than 2 hours at a time.

No one told me how EASY it was having just one little toddler. How much for granted we used to take our little trips gallivanting to the library, playground, storytimes, even lunch together at the cafe in the grocery store. Bedtimes we had a bath, brushed teeth, read books, and off to the crib. Now he wants M. to sleep in his room every night so he can fall asleep.

But you know, today is actually going quite well. Baby has been sleeping in the pack-n-play since 11:30. Now it's 1:30. I won't let her sleep past 2. So Little Guy and I went out on the deck (the pack-n-play's right near the back door) and he played in the sandbox and we ate lunch out there on the picnic table. It's nice and warm today-almost 70. When he started asking to go down and swing, though, I had to distract him with games and puzzles from his closet. (I can't lift him into his swing yet and newborn would have been sleeping in the house.) He has a bunch of games like Memory and big 24-piece puzzles in the closet from Christmas that he was too young for then. So the Dora puzzle was a success and he's saving it on the kitchen table to show Daddy when he comes home.

So despite the fact that I'm still in pajama pants, we are a success. And, AND! Little Guy brushed his teeth and allowed his toenails to be cut this morning without the slightest objection. I call that a good day.


Blogger Liesl said...

I'm in awe!! Just the running out of soy milk would have been a catastrophe beyond measure in our house - I'm glad you're doing so well!

8:12 PM  
Blogger Funky Smith said...

Sweet post. I know things will calm down. I really can't relate but I hope things get better!

7:17 PM  
Anonymous Lesley said...

Wow - I'm exhausted just from reading your post!

11:05 PM  

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