Thursday, February 08, 2007

Falling Down?

You know that movie with Michael Douglas where he has the crew cut and glasses and he's really mad and wants to shoot everyone? That's how I feel. Is "Falling Down" right? I'm going to attribute it to being hugely pregnant (baby will be born first week in March), feeling waddly and huge and like I can barely walk, yet having to trek up and down the stairs all day and drag Toddler to change his diaper and schlep the laundry baskets, etc. I know people have issues with the "pregnant woman" parking spaces (I've only ever seen and used one) but when you're nine months along, I say SCREW EVERYONE NOT PREGNANT AND LET ME PARK CLOSE!! I really probably wouldn't use those spaces if I were less than seven months pregnant, but when you feel like your bladder is going to fall out when you walk and a HUGE creature is squirming around in there and all your lower ligaments are stretched beyond capacity (capability?), walking far with grocery bags is hard.

Also, last Saturday I had this horrific gastro-intestinal bug (you know, violent vomiting, etc. need I say more?) all night and into the next day. I ended up being admitted to the hospital all day Sunday for the abdominal pains from this bug, deydration, and subsequent contractions caused by the dehydration. I was on bedrest when I got home. But when I get home, my mom, who has stayed with Toddler all day tells me, "Your house is not cozy; it's crappy. It's so messy and too small and you need to move." Really? Is this not ALL everyone's been talking about for the past year? Yes, we know we've outgrown our house but does she realize we just converted a guest room/storage room to a nursery? Everything that was in that room and closet has not been dealt with yet! Plus we got a new TV armoire for downstairs and so moved the old one upstairs and had to rearrange our room a little bit, and yes, stuff has surfaced that I haven't dealt with yet!

OK, I shall not continue in this vein. It's too negative and naptime is almost over. First time in three days that there even is a naptime. Oh, right, I was done.

P.S. Finished Le Guin's The Other Wind which means I have now read all six Earthsea books. Man, did I love those. I thought about and thumbed through The Handmaid's Tale but decided not read it while pregnant. I'm too on edge and sensitive these days. (At the Little Gym today, all the two-year-olds had to line up on the white line on this thing called the Air Track that gets blown up and then they can jump on it. They all were just sitting there in a row, legs straight out in front of them, wide eyes, kind of nervous and expectant as to when the thing would start filling up, and I got tears in my eyes just looking at them. I also almost cried during the Teletubbies yesterday, if that says anything about my state of mind.) So I started John McPhee's Annals of the Former World, a geology and natural history book I've been wanting to read for a while. I figure I'm pretty safe from crying and freaking out over rocks.



Blogger Suzanne said...

Sorry to hear you've been ill -- a violent stomach bug is awful under any circumstances, but when you're pregnant it must be even worse. Good luck during this home stretch!

8:17 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

Oh I just want to give you a big ole hug and a shoulder to cry on. I'll be there soon, I'm only 10 weeks, but I've been there before too and completely sympathize. Good luck and hang in there!!

9:45 AM  
Anonymous iliana said...

I hope you are feeling much better Camille. How scary to be that sick with a stomach bug to have been admitted to the hospital. Hopefully it'll be smooth sailing now!

10:10 AM  
Blogger BettyBetty said...

Oy! My son just had that stomach thing and he had alot of stomach pain--that must have sucked while pregnant. I always had the worst heartburn in the final weeks too. Have you had that?

11:00 PM  
Anonymous Lesley said...

Sometimes it's good to vent but I'm glad to hear (from the next post up) that things are looking up.

Who has issues with pregnancy parking anyway? I think it's kind of cool, myself.

11:33 PM  
Anonymous Camille said...

Thanks for the well-wishes, everyone! After two more days of fevers at night, I'm all better now!

9:42 PM  

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