Friday, February 09, 2007

Better Mood

Hi! Feeling much happier today. No more pregnant lady rants, I promise.

So I had to take Toddler with me to a meeting today about learning my new job as bookkeeper for local writers organization. He was SO good. I couldn't believe it. We were there two hours, and the woman I was meeting with was in and out, but Toddler sat at his own desk and did a Dora watercolor book, a truck sticker book, drank a juice, had Valentine gummy candy, watched a long, long train go by out the window, took my pens and wouldn't let me use them, told the woman I was meeting with that he was "getting a lot of work done," never tried to leave the room, and never cried. And, as an added little bonus for me, he didn't poop. It would have been really embarrassing to have to interrupt the board meeting going on in the main room (we were in a little adjacent office) by leaving with a fussy, stinky Toddler and then coming back in. And then, And then! he went to bed so nicely tonight. And I was going to go to bed at 9:00, but then I watched What Not To Wear, and then I was going to go to bed at 10, but then I sat down here and started catching up on blogs a little bit, and now it's 10:45 and here I am. So with that, Que Tengas Buenas Noches!

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Blogger BettyBetty said...

It's shocking when they do that isn't it?

11:05 PM  
Blogger Carl V. said...

Well that's a pretty great day then!!!

1:27 PM  

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