Friday, December 08, 2006

YA Craving

While I'm diligently working away at the From the Stacks Challenge, and I have finished two books so far, I did pay a visit to the library today. But the visit was supposed to be just for Toddler. Heading to the children's room, that's it. By the way, we now go to the new library which rocks. It's all fresh and new and modern with a bunch of nice meeting rooms, a huge children's room, lots and lots of computers, and even a cafe in the front lobby. Anyway, so we go into the children's room and Toddler does some puzzles and jogs around while I find him nine new books. Then he's ready to go and climbs up on the stepstool in front of the self-checkout computer thing. So I'm about to pile our books up to check out and there next to the computer are four racks of YA paperbacks. I haven't read YA in a while (I think my last one was Lyddie by Katherine Paterson and the Below the Root Trilogy by Zilpha Keatley Snyder--I'm crazy for Below the Root, by the way. Did anyone ever play the Windham Classics computer game in the 80s?)

The first one to catch my eye was a bunch by Brian Jacques. I remember the whole Redwall series getting popular when I used to work at Barnes & Noble but I see it was published in 1986 so maybe it was popular well before that. I really wanted to read something by him but I couldn't find the first one, Redwall, anywhere so I decided to wait on that. Then I looked at the Avi books but they looked series-oriented, too, so I wanted to check out the website first. I settled on a well-loved copy of A Wrinkle in Time (need I link? I think not.) to re-read since I haven't read this since I was true YA age, the first book of the Earthsea Trilogy by Ursula LeGuin, another re-read from the early teen years, although I don't think I ever finished the trilogy, and Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. I was really looking for The Giver but they didn't have it.

So while I work on Back Bay which is on my extended From the Stacks list, I might have to go off track a little bit and catch up on some YA.

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Blogger Nessie said...

Have you read Pullman's trilogy The Dark Materials?? Oh do!! Its too good. Make it your Christmas gift to yourself.

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