Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Rugelach Snafu

Whereas the reading of One L is going well (especially due to my having to sit at the lab for an hour after drinking the glucose drink they give you when you're pregnant), the making of the rugelach is not. (I'm not using the Martha Stewart recipe I linked to.) I've been having good cookie luck so far, but these are hard. And it also doesn't help when you turn off your oven just before you put your cookies in said oven. Allow me to explain. I was on the phone with M. and toasting pecans and walnuts in a pan at the same time. When the nuts were done, I turned off the stove, moved the pan, and must have also turned off the oven. Without realizing it. So I'm rolling out my rugelach which are sticking like crazy to any surface I try (heavily floured, Silpat, everything). And the dough is so sticky probably because it's not mixed very well since I blew up my Cuisinart food processor this afternoon making the dough. It's kind of small and you have to mix 2 1/4 cups of flour with a whole brick of cream cheese and two sticks of butter. The poor thing couldn't handle it and started whining and smoking and shooting little bits of black rubber onto the countertop. (Toddler, who has always hated the food processor, a.k.a The Loud, now hates it even more.) So then I had to finish combining with two butter knives in a bowl. So anyway, hours later, I'm rolling out the sticky dough, making sticky triangles with jam leaking out, finally get them in the oven and, after checking on them repeatedly, I'm like, why are they not done yet? So I keep setting the timer for a few more minutes. Then, duh, the oven is off, dumbass.

On a happier note, there is nothing on the Food Network but the boring old Holiday Cake Challenge from last year, so between batches of botched rugelach I can work on reading more.

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