Sunday, December 03, 2006

2006 G.I.F.T Challenge Plans

A new challenge proposed by Carl V. of Stainless Steel Droppings:

You have to post on 4 of the following:
Christmas movies
Christmas novels/short stories
Christmas songs
Christmas poems
Christmas traditions
Christmas memories

For whichever 4 things you choose you will post about them. That is where the giving comes in. Giving of yourself for the shared edification and inspiration of others. Your favorite Christmas movie, story, song, etc. may just inspire others to try it out. At the very least we will share in your joy and enthusiasm as you give us a glimpse into who you are by sharing memories, traditions, and favorites.. “Where is the challenge?”, you may ask. The challenge comes in here: two of your 4 choices must either involve something completely new to you or something you haven’t read or watched in an inordinately long amount of time. Take some time to read a Christmas related story or watch a Christmas movie that you’ve wanted to watch for years but never got around to. Seek out a Christmas poem and share it with us. You can post on each thing individually or do one big group post or combine things…do whatever you want to complete the challenge.

But what if this new thing ends up being something I just don’t like? That is okay, just give us an honest review. After all, sometimes lumps of coal do end up in the

So I'm thinking I will post on the movie The Polar Express which I just saw the other night. That was something new. And I'll post on my "A Very Special Christmas" CDs as an old favorite. The other two I'm not sure yet.

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