Monday, November 27, 2006

The One Word Meme

Got this one from BettyBetty

Yourself: curious
Your partner: caring
Your hair: brown
Your Mother: confusing
Your Father: better
Your Favorite Item:
Your dream last night: I could've told you this morning, but now I forgot
Your Favorite Drink: gin and tonic with lime
Your Dream Car: don't care
Your Dream Home: one that feels cozy but is still roomy
The Room You Are In: living room
Your Ex: a friend (just when we see each other in social situations; he's married to my best friend's sister's best friend. Got that?)
Your fear: anything negative pertaining to my child
Where you Want to be in Ten Years? teaching again and happy
Who you hung out with last night: in-laws and Toddler's cousins
What You're Not: too snobby
Muffins: yummy
One of Your Wish List Items: a nice cookie press
Time: 11 pm
The Last Thing You Did: taped Studio 60; made cornbread
What You Are Wearing: yoga-type capris, V-neck maternity T-shirt
Your favorite weather: crisp fall
Your Favorite Book: Jane Eyre
Last thing you ate: cornbread with butter
Your Life: everchanging
Your mood: content
Your Best Friends: interesting
What are you thinking about right now: bloglines just went down again
Your car: new
What are you doing at the moment: this meme
Your summer: alcohol free (pregnant)
Relationship status: married
What is on your TV: the evening news on mute
What is the weather like: chilly, nighttime
When is the last time you laughed: talking to my sister on the phone about 2 hours ago

Consider yourself tagged if you see this and want to do it. It's a fun one.



Anonymous iliana said...

I love reading memes. I may have to borrow this one :)

10:23 AM  

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