Friday, October 27, 2006

Big and Round

That about describes me at the moment.

I'm never more worried about weight than I am when I'm pregnant. Last pregnancy I would try to eat really healthily the last few days before a doctor's appointment and then wear really light clothes to the appointment so I'd seem lighter. I just really dread the weight lecture. This time I have a new doctor and she's wonderful and so far hasn't said anything about my huge weight gain (about 25 lbs. in 4 months). But I know she will this time. I do think a lot of it is water retention. I don't think I'm drinking enough so I'm going to up my water intake today. I go to the doctor Monday and I really don't want to see that I've gained another 8 lbs. or whatever. I'm going to need my three exercise gurus, Funky, Betty, and Shan, to give me some inspiration in April when I'm over my C-section and ready to lose all this weight. Although last time I just didn't want to eat and my mom had to force me to eat soup and pear nectar (of all things). I lost weight really fast after my last pregnancy. But I also had an emergency C-section and resulting complications so my recovery wasn't very smooth.



Blogger nomadshan said...

We'll be here for you. You may wish we weren't :)

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